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Alexandre Oliva oliva at
Fri Sep 11 21:57:45 GMT 1998

Richard L Hoesly <Rich-Hoesly at> writes:

> Try looking at a backup package called AMANDA. It if free and
> has a great support structure much like SAMBA.

Thanks for the ad :-)

> Home page is at

Please refer to it as, it's easier to remember :-)

> I use if for all my UNIX and PC's and it works great.

Unfortunately, not that well for M$Window.  Due to SAMBA limitations
(or should I say M$Windows limitations :-), it is impossible to back
up system disks, for example: smbclient can't back up locked files
such as the system registry and PAGEFILE.SYS (but why would you want
to back up a swap area, anyway? :-)

But it's great for backing up data disks, except that it won't back up
access control lists: you need a special proprietary tool, distributed
with the MS Network Resource Kit, that dumps the ACL information to a
file, which can then be backed up with Amanda+SAMBA.  There's another
tool that will dump registry information to a file, so that it can
also be backed up.

My general advice is: if you can, set up all your data and application
servers in Linux boxes with SAMBA, and forget about backing up
M$Windows clients.  If anything goes wrong with them, it's much easier
to reinstall the system from scratch and update its configuration from
a working host with sysdiff.

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