Advanced Revelation OpenInsight

Trond Nystuen trond.nystuen at
Fri Sep 11 12:08:37 GMT 1998

Has anybody tried running OpenInsight For Workgroups 3.3 (from Advanced
Revelation) from a Samba share? There seems to be a problem with record

There should be a warning when two users open the same database record, but
this never happens. I've used a network driver for AREV that is called
"Byte-range Locking Multi-user Driver ver. 2.0c". The "All networks driver"
doesn't allow more than one user at a time.

Does AREV use "opportunistic locking"?

What "locking" parameters should I set in smb.conf?

Trond Nystuen                                     trond.nystuen at

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