Some users need to re-authenticate themselves

Dan Roscigno ddr at
Tue Sep 8 19:36:22 GMT 1998

Some of my users have to type in their password when their
shares are mounted, or when they want to print.  Some of
them simply login at boot time and are covered for the
entire session.  The version I am running is Version
1.9.18p8.  The OS I am using is Solaris 2.6, on a Sun
Ultra.  Here is the info that I think is relevant:

>From smb.conf:
   comment = Art's Group Share
   path = /maxwell/user3/argus
   valid users = ddr argus afh arnason quentin bompadre piciullo ktm
   force group = afh
   public = no
   writable = yes
   printable = no
   create mask = 0770A

>From /var/samba/log.machinename:

   1998/09/08 12:45:11 avatar ( connect to
   service argus as user piciullo (uid=3811,gid=326) (pid 4299)

When I (ddr) login on piciullo's PC I can immediateley map
the share "argus."  When piciullo logs in he has to type his
password to get the same share. 

Thanks in advance!!
Dan Roscigno ddr at (352)392-4028
Physics Dept. University of Florida 2122 New Physics Building

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