Samba across subnets?

Juan Carlos Castro y Castro jcastro at
Tue Sep 8 16:23:40 GMT 1998

Try to go to Start / Run... and type \\\yourshare, placing your
server's IP instead of and a real share name instead of
"yourshare". I was even able to connect to a VERY remote Samba server using this


Paul L. Lussier wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've recently set up a samba server, but just discovered that people
> on the "other" side can't reach it.  The system shows up in Network
> Neighborhood, but you can't double click on it.  It returns a message saying
> that the server is either inaccessible, or that I misspelled the name
> (How I did that with just one mouse click is beyond me ;)
> I had  'allow hosts' undefined, accepting the default of allowing all hosts,
> and tried changing it to include the 2 subnets we have up here, but it didn't
> seem to take any affect.  Is it trying to do a DNS resolution or something?
> The system isn't in our local DNS server, only NIS.  And since I'm using
> aliases with the system, they aren't in either DNS or NIS.  I would expect
> it to resolve via netbios, since it is showing up in the NN browser!
> TIA,
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> Seeya,
> Paul
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