Problem with "remote mountd" ?

Christian Selden cselden at
Tue Sep 8 13:47:23 GMT 1998

Hello Samba Users!

Thanks to all of you who contribute to the Samba newsgroup.
The Samba digest is full of great insights.  It's a nice
resource to be able to search through.

I have an AIX 4.1.5 Samba server that has about 12 clients
mounting it.  However, one group of Win95 PC's gets this error
when trying to mount \\server\homes:

"The remote mountd appears to be misconfigured."

I suspect that this is a bogus error, and not pointing
to the real cause.

They have another drive from that server already mounted,
so it appears that it is only the homes mount.  They could
mount the homes mount last week, and the Samba config did not
change.  They are on the same subnet as the rest of the

I emailed the group earlier about a Solaris server that would
only allow one user to connect at a time.  I am still wondering
about that one... I "fixed" the problem by moving the Samba
server to an AIX machine.

If anyone has any similar problems and has a working solution,
it would be greatly appreciated.  Please email me directly, since I
am not subscribed to the newsgroup.

Thanks in advance,

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