Connecting to Samba through Windows 95

Caleb Ciampaglia cciampaglia at
Tue Sep 8 12:41:05 GMT 1998

Hi all:

I have setup Samba on our Solaris server with user based security
(though the usernames on the Solaris box differ from our NT/Win95
usernames).  Everything seems to work well when I connect from an NT
client (4.0) since it asks for a "connect as" string (username), but
on 95, I cannot seem to specify a username (and therefore cannot gain
access to the server).

Is there anyway around this?  Can I specify a username/password
combination in the password field?

Thanks in advance,
Caleb Ciampaglia
Technology Solutions Co.

BTW, I am quite pleased with the performance of Samba and the
technology behind it.  "Great job and thanks" to those who worked on it!!
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