Dual personality samba server

William Knox wknox at oeb.harvard.edu
Fri Sep 4 15:23:44 GMT 1998

This, unfortunately, is not so easy.  It's come up on the group before (and
I'd been banging my head against it for a while before that) that the server
string is sent as part of the advertising done by nmbd _before_ the service 
is called, such that the smb.conf.%L files aren't read.  

I may have the reasons slightly wrong here (and someone please correct me if 
I do), but the upshot is that the smb.conf.%L file isn't called until you 
actually connect to the service, at which point the server string is fairly 

The suggestion was made my someone at some point that you could start two
or more separate instances of samba, but I didn't really want it all that
badly (sour grapes, perhaps?).  This should all be in the archives about
two or three months ago.

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On Fri, 4 Sep 1998 09:05:48 +0100  "Chris Stacey" wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> From: William Knox <wknox at oeb.harvard.edu>
> >I have the exact set-up you are describing.  What got me was that the
> _file_
> >smb.conf.<name> had to be in all lowercase, i.e. smb.conf.ukswi0104.  This
> >should do the trick for you.
> Bill,
> I was sure I'd tried using lowercase filenames, but I obviously had
> something else wrong at the time.  It works great now.  Thank you very much.
> Next question: can I use a different 'server string' for each WINS name?
> Thanks,
> Chris

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