Harper, Ian (IDH) ian.harper at
Fri Sep 4 09:49:09 GMT 1998

We have a perculiar problem and wonder if anyone can shed some light or
advice ?

We have a variety of machines running SCO Unix 3 .2v4.2 with samba
1.9.16, we also have an NT 4.0 server, these are all sharing up various
sections of their drives. There is a Red Hat Linux running using
smbmount to mount all these drives onto a directory tree, the root of
this tree is shared up using samba so raher than users having lots of
different shares they can get at all the data with one share.

The problem we are having is that periodically when the user on their
WIN95 pc or the administrator on the linux PC do a directory there is
nothing showing even though running mount shows the drive as mounted.

Any help would be appreciated


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