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Subject: PAM-GINA released


First, I am sorry if you are not interested in this e-mail.  I am
sending this to whoever asked me or talked with me about PAM-GINA.

I would like to announce the release of PAM-GINA version 0.02.
I solved some copyright problems and now it is freely distributed (you
can use it, modify it, redistribute it, etc.)  The GINA can perform
single sign-on with following authentication mechanisms:  
- Kerberos 4 (http://web.mit.edu/is/help/mink/)
- Kerberos 5 (http://web.mit.edu/kerberos/www/nt-alpha2.html)
- Novell Netware 4.0.

Binary and source code are in:

The paper presented in USENIX Windows/NT symposium is in:

Please send me comments and questions.


Naomaru Itoi <itoi at eecs.umich.edu>
Center for Information Technology Integration, the University of Michigan

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