PAM error

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Thu Sep 3 03:06:36 GMT 1998

>From: "Henri J. Schlereth" <henris at>
>Subject: PAM error
>Here is the error.
>Sep  1 01:12:39 kesrith PAM_pwdb[6404]: 1 authentication failure; (uid=0)
-> henris 
>This only happens when I try to map a network drive on the Win95 client,
>it induces a delay of about a minute and then maps the drive anyway.
>My current setup is RH5.0, samba-1.9.18p8-50.1 (rpm).
>This problem has existed on previous versions RH42 samba-1.9.18p8-42.1
>and I believe on lower samba versions.
>Any ideas, input would be welcome. Also smbclient screams for 
>lmhosts file, I got around  that by symlink to hosts file.

Just try with an upper-case only password.

Win95 use UPPERCASE password over the network, may be you should use
Password level.
$man smb.conf (password level)
       For  example,  say the password given was "FRED". If pass-
       word level is set to 1 (one), the  following  combinations
       would  be  tried if "FRED" failed: "Fred", "fred", "fRed",
       "frEd", "freD". If password level was set to 2 (two),  the
       following   combinations  would  also  be  tried:  "FRed",
       "FrEd", "FreD", "fREd", "fReD", "frED". And so on.

This is OK, but for each try PAM will complain about authentication failure.

>it induces a delay of about a minute and then maps the drive anyway.
$man smb.conf (password level)
	If  you find the connections are taking too long with this
       option then you probably  have  a  slow  crypt()  routine.
       Samba  now  comes  with  a  fast  "ufc crypt" that you can
       select in the Makefile. You  should  also  make  sure  the
       PASSWORD_LENGTH  option  is  correct  for  your  system in
       local.h and includes.h. On most systems only the  first  8
       chars  of  a  password  are significant so PASSWORD_LENGTH
       should be 8, but on some longer passwords are significant.
I  use only lowercases passwords with password level set to 0 and have no
delay for authentication.


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