autoconfigure new NT4 sp3 clients, samba 1.9.19 server

Gerald Carter cartegw at Eng.Auburn.EDU
Wed Sep 2 12:53:20 GMT 1998

> > Ie, can we set
> > up a default template on the Samba server which will be used 
> > instead?
> As I see it you have three options:
> (1) Have a mandatory profile (that is, each user is served a common
> profile which is not saved back). This is what we have done.
> (2) Have a preexec script which copies your desired 'default profile'
> into the user's profile directory when a new user logs in (i.e. if
> there is no profile there already).
> (3) Put your 'default profile' into c:\winnt\profiles\Default User on
> each of your machines (via a script which connects to each ADMIN$
> share, not walking around with a floppy!!).

I just verified that you can create '\\server\netlogon\Default User'
and place the server based profile template there.  Works just like NT. 
This is under 2.0 alpha code.

You might also be interested in the white paper on Profiles and Policies

Sorry but the line wrapped.  So far has been a good paper.  Not a 
lot of new stuff but a good reference.

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