modifying acces to applications on-line

Michel Applaincourt Michel.Applaincourt at
Tue Sep 1 15:01:43 GMT 1998

here is what i want to do with samba :

I have a samba server with some shares onto apps (like netscape, ...)

my users are divided in groups (they are students and consider one group
correspond to one study year).

I want to be able :
	1°) to give or not give acces to shares following groups... for
example : first year can not access netscape, but second can

	2°) to be able to modify this acces : be able to cut the access to
an application online...

I thought to do it playing with unix rights and symlinks...

is there another way to do it in samba?

for example : is it possible to reload only a part of the configuration
without restarting samba entirely?
if yes, a solution is to modify the list of valid users including or not
the group (with @ character)

so anybody as ideas?


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