Anyone resolved "failed to lock SMB passwd file"?

Robert Dahlem Robert.Dahlem at
Fri Oct 30 00:43:08 GMT 1998


On Thu, 29 Oct 1998 09:03:56 +1100, Robert Dahlem wrote:

>This seems to be some long standing bug since "update encrypted" came up:
> [...]

>Perhaps someone has a bit of spare time to proove this and report to samba-bugs.
>I feel discouraged to do so because I reported several problems and never got 
>something back but the machine generated reply to be patient ...

I Just want to tell people here that after complaining about the samba team being 
unresponsive to mails adressed to the the samba-bugs list I'm a bit ashamed:

John from the samba team stated they are working with a dozen of volunteers on 
those mailings and they have already answered 8,000 of about 11,000 messages until 

Gerald from the samba team stated that one-half of these peoble are primarily 
developers working on the "golden" code.

Jeremy from the samba team stated that the bug mentioned in the subject field is 
already known and yet fixed in the code being released as 2.0.

Sorry boys for being impatient and without respect. I read about 2,500,000 systems 
running samba and using code no single person payed a penny for. You do not 
deserve my above quoted statement.

Hasta la vista,

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