Sometime cannot connect to samba server, Why

Panyarak Aaron Ngamsritragul panya at
Thu Oct 29 07:08:10 GMT 1998

> 	I believe it's mentioned in one of the docs with the samba distro,
> that this problem can happen, when you have File and print services
> enabled on the PC's using a protocol _other_ than tcp/ip like NETBUI or
> IPX. Samba use's TCP/IP only.

Actually, I have disable all other protocol binding to File and Printer
Sharing, but it still happens to samba version 1.19.8p5.
Anyway, I have upgraded my server to 1.19.8p8 and it seems that it is
working fine at the moment.  The additional benefit of this newer version
is that it responds much faster !!!!

Thank you for helps from all of you.

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