SAMBA digest 1853 (NFS vs. SAMBA)

Sarma Seetamraju sarma at
Mon Oct 26 03:34:35 GMT 1998

Jan, You are NOT going to get better performance out of Samba, because
your clients are NOT microsoft-born.   The UNIX machines are better off
with NFS.  If the networked-file system (similar to the expansion of NFS,
but NOT the same) is slow, you need 100Mbps cards and excellent
RAID file systems.   I heard that if clients are transferring extremely large
files (> 1meg) then the total time between SMB and NFS is negligible.
But, NFS is much much better at a series of file operations == which
take up a significant amount of time (almost as much as the data transfer).
After all that's why WEBNFS as a concept arose.

Sarma at

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