IBM 4039 Laserprinter. Weird problem.

Peter Blake ppb at
Tue Oct 27 09:15:04 GMT 1998

On Mon, 26 Oct 1998, Philip Tong wrote:

> I have menaged to setup Samba services to share an IBM 4039 printer and have
> tested another printer (Epson LX-800) on the PC. It works fine.
> The weird thing, the IBM4039 will not print anything. All the jpbs will be
> spooled. For each print job to be printed. I will need to switch off the
> printer and switch it on again.
> Have anyone encountered such problems before? I know there is basically
> nothing wrong (to my knowledge) with the setup since the LX-800 is working.
> Furthemore I have another similar setup using an Epson Stylus Pro and its
> working fine.
> Anybody have any idea? Anything you could think of is good, cos' I'm really
> baffled.

Check that your lp script/program is sending a form feed - many printers
won't start the print until this is received to indicate that the whole
page has been sent.

Peter Blake
ppb at

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