Can't see my Samba workstation on browse list

Provencher, Marc mprovenc at
Mon Oct 19 15:22:39 GMT 1998

I've been doing about three days of reading on this now, and I'm still
pretty much at the same point.  I just want my Samba machine to appear
in the browse lists, like any other workstation.


	1) My NT workstation had to join the domain and an account had
to be created for it on the PDC.  Must I create an account on the PDC
for the Samba machine as well? (It would make sense, but I haven't done
that yet).

	2) Currently, the only way I can access the shares on my Samba
machine is by typing the IP address directly in the Map Network Drive
dialog, and this doesn't work from Win95 stations, which is why I would
like the name to appear in the browse list.  Is there another way for
Win95 machines to get to my Samba machine, if it doesn't show up in the
browse list?

Any help greatly appreciated.

Marc Provencher
Foxboro Calgary, Systems Integration and IT
(403) 777-4275
mprovenc at

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