Clients Need Rebbot or Remap after Server Reboots

John Hintz johnh at
Mon Oct 19 15:22:00 GMT 1998

It seems that my Win95 and NT samba clients (samba being served on a Sun Ultra Solaris machine), who have a
series of drives mapped to the Sun, can't reconnect "on-the-fly" if I reboot the server.  That is, if the PC
clients lose their drive connection because the server goes down for maintenance or whatever other reason, the
connection is not automatically restarted whenthe server comes back up.  The drives either have to disconnected
the remapped, or the PC rebooted, for the drives to be reconnected.  Has anyone else had this problem and is
there a way around it?


John Hintz
Nez Perce Tribe
Lapwai, ID

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