WIN 98 password problem (again)

Ludolf Holzheid Ludolf.Holzheid at
Mon Oct 19 01:24:43 GMT 1998

Szekely Denes wrote:
> Three days ago I had a mad ideea to install Win 98 on my PC. Until this
> date I cannot map or access from WINDOWS my user directory and any other
> shared resurces on the SCO, because my password is rejected.
And some others answered...

At first, I wanted to post a response to Szekely only, not CC'd to the
list, as this is _not_ a new topic for the list, but I'm feeling Szekely
(and other readers of the list) haven't got the information he was (they
are) seeking for.

It's right, Win98 uses - in opposite to Win95 - (clear-text equivalent)
encrypted passwords by default.

To make a Win98 box and a Samba talk to each other, there are 2 options:

Switch the the samba box (and all the rest of the network) to encrypted
passwords (see ENCRYPTION.TXT).

Switch the Win98 box to plain-text passwords.
To do so, open the Win98 explorer, doubleclick on
Win95_PlainPassword.reg (part of the Samba distribution). The NT
registry keys don't work for Win9x (yet).

I recommend option (2) for now and use the "update encrypted" switch in
smb.conf to build the password database. This should ease a later switch
to option (1) (Szekely's box will not remain the only Win98 box at his
LAN ;-).


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