security=user AND guest share with NT?

Nathan Neulinger nneul at
Mon Oct 19 02:40:26 GMT 1998

Ok, here is the situation, I have a GINA module that does a samba mount 
on NT w/ a guest connection. 

If I set the security mode to share, it works fine. If I set the security 
mode to user, it doesn't. 

However, having security=share causes other weird problems with NT, 
notably that once a connection has been made to a server as a guest user, 
you can never connect to a share as a specific user. To reproduce, go to 
map drive, don't put a userid in, then, when the next panel pops up that 
asks for a user and pass, it doesn't matter what you put for the user, it 
never uses it.

Is there any way to get both to work?

-- Nathan

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