Changing "Shutdown" to "Log off" in Win95?

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Sun Oct 18 13:54:06 GMT 1998

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> Subject: Changing "Shutdown" to "Log off" in Win95?
> The Samba set up we're using to support 25 or so Win 95 clients
> is working well, but my users are usually not up to complicated
> tasks. Has anyone found a way to get logging out down to a single
> action (like, Start/Logout), instead of Start/Shutdown/Close all
> programs and log in as another user/Yes?
> I'm tired of explaining this already! :)
> Daryl
> Daryl Biberdorf		darylb at

Our User Services Group had the same complaint.

The 'solution' was to write a little program to provide a logout dialog
which we could then put a shortcut for on the desktop (and add a hot key
sequence for in the Properties dialog).

You can find 'Logout95' at

Run it with '/?' for help on the various options.

The are plans for the dialog box to be replaced by a nicer, custom one
(instead of the standard Windows MessageBox(), one).

Of course, another way would be to install IE4's new desktop... that will
give you a 'Logout' option (along with several Mb of other rubbish, too!).

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