Has smbstatus changed since

Mike Langas mlangas at planet8.tds-eagan.lmco.com
Thu Oct 15 23:20:17 GMT 1998

> I am upgrading samba from 1.9.17p3 to 1.9.18p10

Everything works as expected with the following exception.
My configurations are set up in such a way that I specify
alternate smb.conf files when I start smbd and nmbd.

With the 1.9.17p3 version, smbstatus didn't have a problem
with this.  With the new version however, smbstatus seems to
be looking for the smb.conf file in the location specified at compile
time.  I can issue the smbstatus command with the same -s
option I use to start smbd and nmbd, but this is very cumbersome.

Can anyone offer any suggestions or information on this?


Mike Langas

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