SO_{RCV,SND}BUF=8192 ?

John Lusk lusk at
Thu Oct 15 12:35:51 GMT 1998

Mostly out of curiosity:

I've seen people advising that we set SO_{RCV,SND}BUF to 8192 as an
optimization.  I added a call to getsockopt() to grab the old
(default) value before setting it to the new, and it turns out (on
DG/UX), that the default value is 8760 (or 8704, when you throw in the
fact that packets are travelling between different sublans), so the
8192 "optimization" is a slight *decrease* in buffer size.

Since I've seen this optimization suggestion from a couple of Linux
users (if I recall correctly), can someone tell me what the default
value is, for Linux?


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