Seeing two different user folders!!!!!

David Collier-Brown davecb at Canada.Sun.COM
Fri Oct 9 19:09:48 GMT 1998

You wrote:
| 			A student with id "james" will log on
| Windows 95, go to network neighborhood and to the Linux computer and
| find there among other normal items two folders.  The first will be
| his own folder with his id, but the second will be another student's
| folder. 

	This is the SMB equivalent of ``cd /home/james''.  Anyone
	can try to cd to/connect to another's home directory.  They
	won't be able to do anyhing destructive, assuming you have your
	Unix permissions set correctly.  Indeed, they may not even be
	able to see the contents if the permissions are 0700 (;-))

	However, it's startling!

	Win 95 is supposed to disconnect people when they log out:
	check and see if you can write to such a left-over directory. 
	If so, the last user isn't logged out: client bug!

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