Seeing two different user folders!!!!!

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>Subject: Seeing two different user folders!!!!!
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>In my high school computer lab I have Red HAt 5.0 with SAMBA being
>used as a file server.  The kids are getting used to it. But recently
>I'm seeing something strange.  A student with id "james" will log on
>Windows 95, go to network neighborhood and to the Linux computer and
>find there among other normal items two folders.  The first will be
>his own folder with his id, but the second will be another student's
>folder.  No one has lost data so far, but students have been loosing
>faith.  Is there anything I can check/change for this?
>Thanks for your time,
>Evan P...
I would guess that the two users in question have the same user id, but
forcing a same user id situation on my machine (redhat 5.0, with the latest
samba installed).
Although, setting up two users with the same ID under 1.9.18p10 didn't do
that on my system. Mabey it has something to do with groups? I know that by
default, the redhat adduser script creates a new group for each user - do
these two share a group?

Check the setup of your [homes] section in your smb.conf file. Here's mine:
   comment = Home Directories
   browseable = no
   read only = no
   preserve case = yes
   short preserve case = yes
   create mode = 0750

That's (I think) about as stock a homes section as you can get - I'm using
what it came with.

Another question: Are you using encrypted passwords?
Also, what version of smb are you using? I've had good luck with the latest

Good luck!

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