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Anthony Ord samba at
Thu Oct 8 18:22:16 GMT 1998

On Wed, 7 Oct 1998 23:20:46 +1000, "Peter H. Lemieux" <phl at>

>>From time to time someone will comment in this list that their Samba
>server has disappeared from the list of hosts in Network Neighborhood.
>Browsing the list archive has yet to turn up any good explanation of this
>I think I have a clue.  This morning my server disappeared again.  When I
>checked the process list on the server I noticed that nmbd had been
>swapped out to disk.  The last time the server disappeared nmbd was also
>swapped out.  Once I stopped and restarted the server, it reappeared in NN.

>Is there a way to prevent nmbd from being swapped out?  

Not really. You could fiddle the code so that every x seconds, every
single routine ran (just a little bit of it) provided the whole
routine fitted into one page, that would stop a Least Recently Used
algorithm from kicking it out. Downside is much greater real memory

>I looked over the
>parameters in smb.conf and couldn't find anything there.  Is there a way
>to specify this in the command line that starts nmbd?

No it is an OS thing.

>More importantly, why should it matter whether nmbd is swapped out?

Timing. Disks are slow and it takes time for processes to be swapped
back it. A timer may expire in the meanwhile.

Another reason is Network Neighborhood sucks, even between Win95
machines. There may be something just slight that upsets it.

>Platform:  Linux 2.0.35 + Samba 1.9.18p8 (rpm version) but I observed this
>in earlier 2.0.x kernel versions as well.

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