Server disappears from Network Neighborhood

Peter H. Lemieux phl at
Wed Oct 7 13:15:49 GMT 1998

>From time to time someone will comment in this list that their Samba
server has disappeared from the list of hosts in Network Neighborhood.
Browsing the list archive has yet to turn up any good explanation of this

I think I have a clue.  This morning my server disappeared again.  When I
checked the process list on the server I noticed that nmbd had been
swapped out to disk.  The last time the server disappeared nmbd was also
swapped out.  Once I stopped and restarted the server, it reappeared in NN.

Is there a way to prevent nmbd from being swapped out?  I looked over the
parameters in smb.conf and couldn't find anything there.  Is there a way
to specify this in the command line that starts nmbd?

More importantly, why should it matter whether nmbd is swapped out?

Platform:  Linux 2.0.35 + Samba 1.9.18p8 (rpm version) but I observed this
in earlier 2.0.x kernel versions as well.



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