Joa Oliver i139 at stio1.fh-wuerzburg.de
Sun Oct 4 12:21:38 GMT 1998


I have set up samba to enable Domain-Logons for windows95/98.
I am using Samba-1.9.18p7. I have a share netlogon with 
a batchfile for connection network drives. Everything is working.
But when I create a policies file and put it onto the netlogon
share windows doesn't use it. I have named it config.pol. Is there
another special thing to configure?

I have found archives of this mailinglist, but it is only for
online-search. Is there anywhere a offline version for download?



ojoa at gmx.net
ojoa at citynet.de
i139 at stio1.sari.fh-wuerzburg.de 

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