File permissions incorrectly assigned

Partenheimer Nate npartenh at
Mon Nov 30 15:03:28 GMT 1998

We're running Samba 1.9.18p8 (non-PDC) on solaris 2.5.1.  Everything works
well except that file permissions are inconsistently assigned.
Specifically, we are sharing users public_html directories which are
mapped automatically by a policy when they logon a WinNT 4sp3 workstation
so that a users can, theoretically, copy web pages from a diskette or
other server to their web directories using windows instead of teaching
4000 students to use ftp and change permissions on the files.  Some of the
gloabal settings and the share definition are below.  Despite including
the create and directory information some users files are still assigned
permissions like -rw-------, which is unaccessible from the web.  Is there
a way to garauntee that a file/directory will be created with the correct
permissions or have I missed a step?

Nate Partenheimer
Information Resources
Butler University
npartenh at      

security = server 
log level = 2 
guest account = nobody
homedir map = auto_home
lock directory = /opt/samba/lock
share modes = yes
strict locking = yes
preserve case = yes
short preserve case = yes
share modes = yes
comment = Web Pages
path = /home/%u/public_html
browseable = yes 
guest ok = no 
read only = no
force create mode = 0705
create mask = 0705
force directory mode = 0701
directory mask = 0701

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