Upper, lower case filenames...

Alvin Plummer aplummer at i-com.com
Tue Nov 24 16:12:07 GMT 1998


It is fairly important for a Windows NT machine 
to be able to see all unix filenames as lower-case
files.  I have set 

   # Case Preservation can be handy - system default is _no_
   # NOTE: These can be set on a per share basis
     preserve case = yes
   ;  short preserve case = yes
   # Default case is normally upper case for all DOS files
     default case = lower
   # Be very careful with case sensitivity - it can break things!
     case sensitive = no

in my smb.conf, but all files are still seen in a mixture 
of upper and lower case.  I need to have all files seen as 
strictly lower case, from the Windows side.

If possible, I'd like to restrict these setting
to a single directory, but am willing to tolerate
global changes if that's what's needed.

How would I do this?

I would prefer a direct, non-list response, but
responding on the list is viable.

Thanks for helping a newcomer,
  Alvin Plummer

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