Fwd: Debian Linux <-> Win98 not working.... HELP!!

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 24 00:50:48 GMT 1998

Geez! You guys are really smart! Some genius telepathically reached out and gave me the answer BEFORE I logged back in! :-)  I knew Linux had awesome support, but thats a pretty neat trick!  Its especially cool since I have used MS Windows since version 1.0 and can still almost think (sort of).

Actually, I solved the mystery 2 minutes after I sent the email by going back to the Win98 desktop (duh) and deleting all references to the PCI networking card and letting Win98 redetect it and reinstall the network drivers (TCP/IP only) off the Win98 CD.  Now it works great.  Obviously, I have been using MS Windows for a while but not paying close enough attention... when in doubt, reformat hard disk and reload from CD (or floppies... shudder).  My guess is that the old NetBEUI drivers were lingering on and screwing with something or other mysteriously.

Just place my previous email on the "self humilated boob" list.  Sorry.

Andrew Lynch  :-)

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