Debian Linux <-> Win98 not working.... HELP!!

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at
Tue Nov 24 00:10:33 GMT 1998

First, thanks in advance if anyone answers.  Please send a copy to my
email address as I do not frequent this list.  However, I have a
problem I cannot solve and request some smart persons help.

I have a Debian Linux on a laptop (ROCKS!!) and a desktop running
Win98 connected via coax ethernet.

I can configure the Win98 desktop to see the "linux" share on the
laptop.  I cannot get the Debian Linux on the laptop to see the shares
on the desktop.  I read the info man page and the DIAGNOSIS.txt from
the Samba docs.  My setup passes the DIAGNOSIS.txt procedure but still
does not work.  I set the clear text password on the registry on the
Win98 desktop.

When I am at the laptop and type

smbclient \\desktop\c -I -U andrew

the samba responds with

  Unspecified error 0x8f
  Your server software is being unfriendly.

I looked on Dejanews for this error and didnt find (or understand)
anything relevant.  Please help, I am stuck!!

Oh yeah, on the desktop Win 98, TCP/IP is the only protocol with the
PCI e-net adaptor and the dialup network adaptor.  I have MS network
client and printer and file sharing enabled.  The "I want to enable
NetBIOS over TCP/IP" is checked but greyed out.  I cannot seem to
resolve that mystery either. I am fairly certain that the trouble lay
on the Win98 side.


Andrew Lynch

lynchaj at

PS, the same lan works OK with the laptop running Win98 and the
desktop running Win98, so I have pretty much ruled out a hardware
problem.  Both sides can "ping" each other under any configuration.


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