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Andrew Howell andrew at
Mon Nov 23 15:43:48 GMT 1998

> hello,
> I was wondering if anyone has had the same problem I have or if anyone
> knows what is going wrong.
> I have 1.9.18p10 and everything is working fine exept the browsing..hold
> on dont stop reading just yet. I know there is tons of docs on browsing
> and problems with it, but this seems to be different than anything in
> the docs..
> The samba server doesn't show up in a regular browse list but if I use
> "find computer" it shows up no problem.
> I have Advanced File and Print Server on an SCO box that is acting as
> the PDC (I believe my problem lies here) and in the log.nmb I get a
> message "process_lanman_packet: on subnet ignoring browse
> packet command code 4 from MHI#00600<20> IP to AFPS<00>"
> where .8 is the samba server and MHI is the SCO box and AFPS is the
> domain name.
> If anyone has any suggestions or even tell me I am stupid and where to
> look in the docs, It would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to show
> everyone that this little pile of free software can outperform Novell
> and then some.  :)

I have the exact same problem at work

SCO AFPS 3.5.2 (from memory) running on SCO Openserver 5.0.4 box

Connecting to the samba boxes works fine, but they don't show up the browse list
when the AFPS box is acting as a PDC.

Switched it over to being a BDC and the samba boxes show up again.

Win95 machines show up in the browse list fine, so I'm almost wondering if it's
a conspiracy :)


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