lots of getdirentries calls?

Rob Naccarato rob.naccarato at sheridanc.on.ca
Mon Nov 23 14:41:49 GMT 1998

I've been observing some smbds via a system call trace and I've found that
it frequently makes calls to getdirentries().  I figured that this might
not really be a bad thing if the client, for example, keeps running DIR,
or something.

I've also noticed that frequent calls to getdirentries() ocurr when smbd
needs to resolve filenames that are of a different case than what the client
asked for.  This makes sense, I guess.

But what I really don't understand is that this syscall occurs a number of
times in the netlogon share.  In and around running the Win95 logon
script, smbd tends to keep re-reading the dir.  Doesn't Samba cache dir

This is a DEC Unix 4.0D machine.


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