Brian Ryner bryner at
Tue Nov 17 18:52:07 GMT 1998

I did try playing around with this some.  I got smbumout to compile this
way, unfortunately I think I must have chosen the wrong header files to
comment out, because I tried to unmount and it told me it was "probably
a non-SMB filesystem" when in fact it was.

"Florian G. Pflug" wrote:
> Hi
> The problem could be that you are using glibc - the structure of the include
> files seem to have changed with libc6/glibc2. Scan the sources, and look for
> includes from linux/<some file> sys/<some file> and play around - I got some
> programms to compile with libc6 this way...
>                                          Greetings, Florian

-Brian Ryner
bryner at

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