Samba : Double Identification Problem

Tue Nov 17 08:04:13 GMT 1998


I'm using Samba 1.9.18p2 with hp/ux 10.20. On my unix system, I have declared two
differents accounts : 
username 1 : battu
username 2 : battu1

When I logon with the first user account, using correct password, the connection
is establish without problems. If I ask a second connection with the second
username, no password is asked to me and my logon directory is the first
username's one.

I find this problem is a security hole, and it doesn't seem to be solve in upper

Would you have any ideas about this problems ?

thanks in advance for your cooperation

Jean-Philippe BATTU
ATHESA Rhone-Alpes - Grenoble - France
jeanpba at

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