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Xavier Plasencia xavierp at
Tue Nov 17 02:48:02 GMT 1998

Hi folks,
 I have tried for almost a month.(a few hours here and there) to connect
my linux box to my
company's network.  I have even purchased the "Samba: Intergrating UNIX
an Windows"
book, but all of my attempts have been futile.  I cannot for the the
life of me get my system
to work.  Of couse I have noticed what I want to do is a bit different
from all of the documentation
that I read but here it is.

Any help is greatly apprecated.

I have a linux box that wants to connect to a Microsoft  centric
network.  The NT servers are
DHCP, behind a Proxy network.  I have administrative access to one
domain controler,
but not the company domain controler.  I do however have a company
account.  The proxy
server lies on the company domain.  I am trying to connect to the lan so
that my Linux box
has telnet, ftp, HTTP access.  Even let my Linux  box be visible to the

I have my Linux Box working with DHCP so I can ping myself, from a
remote box, I can also ping
my Linux box.  However I cannot get samba to work over the network.

Does anybody have a clue as to what I can do to get my box to see the
outside world?
Thanks in advance

Xavier Plasencia
Manager of QA Tools and Process Development
Motiva Software Corp.
PH: 481-4822x134
E-mail: xavierp at

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