bug: file time travels when updating

Francesc Guasch frankie at etsetb.upc.es
Thu Nov 12 18:04:44 GMT 1998

Herb Lewis wrote:
> Francesc Guasch wrote:
> >
> > Hi, I think I've found a bug.
> > When I create a file from win95 it's stored in the server with the
> >  date of creation. (that's ok)
> >
> > If I update the file from win95 the date of the file changes but
> > it's stored as one hour less than it should be. (not so ok)

> This works fine for me. Check the time on Unix and the Win95. Create
> time seems to be set by the Unix time, but when you later modify
> the file, the time comes from the PC.

I forgot to say I had the win95 client synced with timesync
I also have been playing with different TIMEZONES in the server
I tried WET and GMT. The point is that the creation data is ok, but
when it updates it's wrong.

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