1.9.18pXX & SCO OSE 5.0.4

Eugeny Kuzakov kev at lab321.ru
Tue Nov 10 05:19:00 GMT 1998

hi !

I have one problem.
I have installed 1.9.18p10 on different servers under FreeBSd,Sparc 
Solaris 2.6 ans SCO OSE.

I have any problems with Win9{5,8} clients.

But NT 4.0+SP{3,4} don't want connect to shares with long names on SCO
OSE. Ifc share name short - no problems.

SCO OSE installed with _traditional_ security.

Samba compile options:
CC     = gcc
LIBSM  = -L/lib -lsocket -lnsl -lprot

Any advices ?

	Best wishes, Eugeny Kuzakov
		Laboratory 321 ( Omsk, Russia )
		kev at lab321.ru
		ICQ#: 5885106

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