ADV: Purchase Excess Computer Parts

picongrp at picongrp at
Tue Nov 10 03:06:16 GMT 1998

Dear Sir or Madam,

     We have been informed that you are in the computer repair business.
We are a large Exporter and Wholesaler of excess computer parts such as,
 RAM, CPU's, IC's, Motherboards, HDD's, etc...

     We have the ability to get manufacturer over-runs for considerably less
than wholesale.

     If you would like to be updated on a weekly basis of our new products 
for the week, please e-mail picongrp at with "Update" in the
subject header.

     If this message has been sent to you by mistake, please e-mail
picongrp at with the subject "Remove" and you will no
longer recieve promotional offer mailers from us.

Best Regards,
Pi Consulting Group, Inc.

Fort Lauderdale, FL
picongrp at

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