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Engineering Computing - Bridget Lung blung at
Mon Nov 9 09:00:12 GMT 1998

I have configured a SAMBA server and now planning to configure another one. I 
an error while compiling the make

root at sabah 49> make 
Using CFLAGS = -O -DSMBLOGFILE="/usr/samba/var/log.smb" 
-DNMBLOGFILE="/usr/samba/var/log.nmb" -DCONFIGFILE="/usr/samba//lib/smb.conf" 
-DLMHOSTSFILE="/usr/samba//lib/lmhosts" -DWEB_ROOT="/usr/samba/" 
-DLOCKDIR="/usr/samba/var/locks" -DSMBRUN="/usr/samba//bin/smbrun" 
-DCODEPAGEDIR="/usr/samba//lib/codepages" -DWORKGROUP="WORKGROUP" 
-DGUEST_ACCOUNT="nobody" -DDRIVERFILE="/usr/samba//lib/printers.def" -DAIX 
-DFAST_SHARE_MODES        -DSMB_PASSWD="/usr/samba//bin/smbpasswd" 
Using LIBS =       
Compiling util.c
1506-333 (S) License failure: acquire: No servers available for this vendor 
(network license server/library).
make: The error code from the last command is 1.


Does anyone have this problem before?

Please advise.

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