Need help with 'Cannot find setup.exe Windows needs this file

Andrew Wilson awilson at
Mon Nov 9 12:13:43 GMT 1998

> I have a CD we (Candle) created.  It installs one of our products by
> executing the setup.exe program.  I am able to execute the
> program off the
> CD with no problems.
> I then copied the contents of the CD to the Samba share.  I
> try and execute
> the setup.exe file and get this error.
> If I then copy the files from the Samba share to /temp, I can
> execute the
> program with no problem.

Perhaps setup.exe does not like being run from a network path.  Have you
tried mapping the share to a drive letter and running setup.exe from there?


Andrew Wilson
awilson at

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