Nis homedirs

Paul L. Lussier plussier at BayNetworks.COM
Thu Nov 5 20:57:51 GMT 1998

I posted this earlier, but I'll do so again :)

I have:

		nis homedir = yes
	        homedir map =

	        guest ok = no
	        read only = no

and everything works fine.  I'm running samba-1.9.18p8 on a Sun Sparc5 with
Solaris 2.5.1 11/97 release.  My home directories reside mostly on a Network
Appliance NFS toaster that is incapable of running anything (never mind samba).

Samba seems to map the users Win95/NT username and find that within the
automounter map and presents the users with only their home directory available
in in the NN browser.

I hope this helps!

plussier at
Broadband Technology Division - Bay Networks (now a Nortel Company, Eh? :)

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