Not understanding of what is going on..

Jon Arnold jrarnol at
Thu Nov 5 21:46:35 GMT 1998

Hi all,

I am having  a problem with adding
an NT to a samba driven net
or a samba server to the MS network..

here is the net layout:

             + break point A


    when the RH5.1 box is off then transfers between
my winnt box and the rest of the network are fine
        ie: total network saturation
            when slow speed is encountered it is
            aprox. 800K in 4 min.

when i add RH5.1 box
the NT box has:
    fast transfers with #2 win95
    fast transfers with RH4.0
    slow transfers with #1 win95
    slow transfers with RH5.1

the #1 win95 has:
    slow transfers with #1 win95
    fast transfers with RH4.0
    fast transfers with RH5.1
    fast transfers with #2 win95

if i separate the net into two nets at break point A
then transfers are full speed.

the same thing was happening when the RH5.1 was on
a 486 as now with complete hardware change.

any help would be appreciated

jon arnold

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