Declare a SAMBA server (on SUN/SOLARIS) through WINDOWS NT

Urban Widmark urban at
Thu Nov 5 14:48:50 GMT 1998

On Fri, 6 Nov 1998, Jean-Francois CHAPELLE wrote:

> I wish to install a SAMBA server, hosted on SUN/SOLARIS 2.5.1, to
> access it with WINDOWS NT 4.0 (file sharing only !).
> I search installation, configuration procedures and examples of
> configuration files.
> For this installation, do I declare my SAMBA server in the main
> NT domain ?


If you are talking about the workgroup setting of the smb.conf, then yes
you set it to the nt domain you wish to belong to.

To access "shares" on the samba server you of course need to specify which
parts of the filesystem you export and how ...


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