Help On Multiple Netgroups Across Multiple Subnets

Bo Zhang bzhang at
Wed Nov 4 20:25:25 GMT 1998

Hello, everyone,

	I'm new to this mailing list. So please excuse me if
this topic has been discussed before. 

	We have a network that consists of a few subnetworks.
Each subnetwork has its own network address. In each subnet
there are Windows 95/98/NT machines, as well as Linux/Unix
machines that run Samba. NO NT Domain is used!

	I've configured cross-subnetwork browsing by

1. using Samba servers on each subnet as local browse master,
2. using one of the samba servers as the domain browse masetr,
3. setting up one of the samba servers as the WINS server,
4. setting up all other machines to point to the WINS server.

All of the above was done for a netgroup called "WORKGROUP".
Everything was working. I was able to browse all the WORKGROUP
names from all subnets.

Now somebody want to add a few netgroups (say, WG1, WG2). They
also span subnets. Our current WINS server only handles WORKGROUP
names. I know that if I setup one WINS server for each netgroup, 
I should be all set. But my question is if it's possible to still 
use the one WINS server for all of the netgroups. This will save 
me a lot of trouble.

Any hints would be greatly appreciated.

Bo Zhang

P.S. Anyone know how to interpret the wins.dat file? What is the 
big number in second column mean? What does "WORKGROUP#1b
44S" mean (I know 1b is supposed to be domain master declaration,

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