Are dashes OK in Domain Name?

Bill Neisius neisius at
Tue Mar 31 20:26:23 GMT 1998

I was browsing through the SAMBA workgroups defined here:
E51-CAE, E51-WAAS, etc... everything looked fine (well, with
the exception of subnet browsing) until I displayed the
properties of the machines in the workgroups.  

Select a SAMBA host, right-click on the hostname and select 
'Properties' from an NT4 machine displays the domain as "E51"; 
everything from the dash onward is missing...  Machines  in other 
workgroups, without 'dashes' display the workgroup/domain properly...
Displaying the properties of the NT4 machine itself shows the full
workgroup name, with dashes...

Should I be concerned?  Do I need to rename the workgroups?
or is it just a meaningless defect...?


Bill Neisius <neisius at>

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