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Sherine sabrown at
Tue Mar 31 19:59:06 GMT 1998

Hello, Help.......
I'm trying to set up a  SAMBA server on a Redhat Linux 5.0 O/S
I'm a bit concerned however as to how stable my SAMBA is

Problem: Each time I execute the command "smbclient -L sambaservername" at
certain instances after about 5-10 mins it comes up with a different
browse list of the computers on the network (these r WIN95's),with a
different master browser for a workgroups at times.......if I execute
"smbclient -L sambaservername" and then "smbclient -L clientname" after
doing this for different clients , the browse list isn't the same each
time---IS this good, bad or normal? if this is normal, I would like to
know if SAMBA finds the client via a polling process....

NEXT: I'm unable to find some of my clients, they r running  WIN95 also ,
the error I receive is "error connecting to (Connection
Refused)" hmmm...Probably doing something real bad.

NEXT: When I execute "smbstatus" I get the error "Couldn't open status
file /var/lock/samba/STATUS...LCK"
even though in the smb.conf file there is "status = yes"


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