NT passowrd change problem

Thomas E. Knowles tek at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Mar 30 23:05:51 GMT 1998

ps - It might be a good idea to comment that an NT PDC will also return error
code 2245 when the password does not pass the 'password uniqueness' test
(configurable under "Policies" -> "Account...") in User Manager for Domains.

If Microsoft would have put this in lmerr.h, my life would have been easier. :)

Thomas E. Knowles
tek at CS.Princeton.EDU

Jeremy Allison wrote:
> Thomas E. Knowles wrote:
> >
> > Still no dice.  Same exact problem as before.  What's odd is that I have access
> > to 2 PDC's on two different physical subnets -- if I try changing my password to
> > the 8 character one I want on the PDC on my own subnet, it works perfectly.
> > It's only when I try changing my password on the PDC on the other subnet that I
> > get this bizarre behavior.
> >
> Ok - are there any messages in the NT event log
> of this PDC ?
> As far as I can tell, Samba is sending the
> correct password change packets to change
> passwords on a PDC - so see if there are
> any system policies that may screw things
> up (does that NT PDC have a login restriction
> for this user ?).
> Cheers,
>         Jeremy.
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