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Herb Lewis herb at
Thu Mar 26 18:29:28 GMT 1998

Franco Saiu wrote:
> I'm writing because I had a problem with Samba, while installing it on some
> of our computers with Windows 98 (beta 3).
> We have an internal network not accessible from the outside, in which we
> use the sending in the clear (I.E. not encrypted) of the access passwords
> to Samba running on a Sun machine with Unix Solaris OS.
> We use unencrypted passwords because Windows 95 doesn't support them, so we
> currently have clients with Windows 95 and clients with Windows NT 4.0
> (with Service Pack installed), on which we have modified the Registry as:
> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Rdr\Parameters
> key name:
> EnablePlainTextPassword
> value:
> 1
> Now it seems that Windows 98 won't support (as a default setting) the
> unencrypted passwords, so every time we try to connect to Samba the
> connection is refused because the password is wrong.
> Do you know if it would be possible to edit Windows 98 Registry to overcome
> this problem and let it send the passwords in the clear?
> Thank you.

Use the same registy setting as for Win95. See the file


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